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BOD Resolutions- March 24, 2016

1. Resolved Employee and Director Remuneration for 2015:
  • Remuneration of employees: NT$76,496,000 cash.
  • Remuneration to directors and supervisors: NT$4,300,000.
2. Established the date of 2016 shareholders' meeting, purpose of the meeting, and period of shareholder motion and list of director (including independent director) and supervisor candidates.
3. Formulated 2015 Earnings Distribution: Dividends to Shareholders: Cash dividend per share NT$2.
4. Amendments to the Company's "Procedures for Acquisition and Disposal of Assets", "Procedure for Processing Derivative Transactions", "Procedure for Extending Loans to Others", and "Procedures for Making of Endorsements and Guarantees".
5. Re-election of directors (including independent directors) and supervisors.
6. Remove non-compete clause for directors.
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